Marine Construction Builder in Jacksonville, FL of Custom Docks, Boathouses, Bulkheads, Boat Lifts, Decks, Custom Homes, Commercial Construction, land site development, also serving St. Augustine, FL

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Hayward Construction Group does Marine Construction.Hayward Construction Group does General Construction.Hayward Construction Group does Construction Site Development.About Hayward Construction Group.Photos from Hayward Construction Group projects.Contact Hayward Construction Group for your next construction project.

We Are Boat Lift Specialists

We Will Custom Design a Configuration for Any Setting

Other Services:
Boat Ramp Installation
Helical Anchoring Systems
Vinyl and Metal Sheet Piling

Member, FMCA
Marine Construction

Decks, docks, dock pilings, boat houses and bulkheads. Hayward Construction Group builds them like they're their own. Your marine construction project is built with our innovative designs, and precision construction so they are "built to last".

We only use the finest grade pressure treated or synthetic lumber for time tested durability, so that they will not only last a long time, but are also esthetically pleasing, environmentally sensitive and will "age” gracefully". We have long term and established relationships with all of our marine construction material suppliers. They know exactly what we expect for our valued customers and deliver to us only the highest quality construction materials.

We will design any configuration on a collaborative effort based on our customer's input. We offer many proven and efficient marine construction designs based on years of refined expertise. We know what works best and will give you the best "bang for the buck".

Here’s the Hayward promise:
We stand behind our work 100%
We give you the highest quality workmanship available
Our service and follow-up is the best in the business

What We Do

Personal Watercraft Lift Installed in an Enclosed Boathouse


We're located in Jacksonville Florida and specialize in custom docks, boathouse's, bulkheads, boat lifts, decks, custom homes, commercial construction, land site development. We also provide construction site development, land development, agricultural building construction, commercial building construction, and custom residential home building construction. We also serve the St. Augustine, St. John's County FL.